Asake discusses his latest album “Work Of Art,” delving into his unique music style and reflecting on his Grammy nomination in an exclusive feature for GQ Magazine.

Asake, known as “Mr Money With The Vibe,” showcases his creativity and unique style in the April/May 2024 issue of GQ Magazine. This Afrobeats sensation gained popularity in 2020 with his breakout hit “Lady” and has since achieved remarkable success. Following the success of his chart-topping tracks like “Mr Money” and “Omo Ope” featuring Olamide, Asake released his debut studio album, “Mr Money With The Vibe,” in 2022, followed by his second album, “Work Of Art,” in 2023. Both albums soared to the top half of the Billboard 200 and garnered numerous accolades and nominations, including Asake’s first Grammy nomination for Best African Music Performance with his song “Amapiano” featuring Olamide.

Read excerpts from the interview:

On his style of music and search for higher evolution

“My music is just me,” Asake says. “It’s not something I can really explain. The thing is, I feel like the kind of music I listened to while growing up shapes who I am.”

“I always want to step it up. And I love it. It’s a bit stressful. Trying to get better is like having armour and scissors, and carving yourself. So it takes bone, it takes flesh. But at the end of the day, I know what always makes sense for me is, after all the stress, when I drop it and people say, ‘Wow.’ ”

On his debut record “Mr Money

“I wanted to be myself—that guy that wants money, that wants to go to the strip club, that wants to party, smoke, chill.” With the follow—up, he wanted to plumb a little deeper. “People don’t really know me because I’m quiet,” he says. “So everybody started seeing me as a mystery. “Work of Art is just for them to know me. You have to understand I’m human, but you can’t just deny the heart in me.”

On growth and the ability to defy expectations

“I’ll never limit myself on one thing. I might wake up tomorrow and tell you I want to do an all reggae album. Maybe that’s where God just directs me to,” he says with a shrug.

“For me to be able to do Mr. Money and people love it, that means it is inside me. It’s just for me to try to always bring it out, and be focused and always do it. It is inside you. I always say any artist that make a hit song—they can always make 40,000 hit songs. But it’s just like, if you forget yourself, then you can’t make the song again. The problem is not to forget who you are.”

On not winning a Grammy Award

“It’s not a loss for me. I might just get more next year. But in my head, I was not even taking it too seriously. I appreciate the fact that they nominated me—I won’t lie, that’s a lot to me. Even me, I didn’t see that coming this soon. I’m relaxed about it. Maybe because I know there will be a day that win will come.”