The long-awaited release of Tems’ highly anticipated single, “Love Me Jeje,” has finally arrived!

Tems has finally unveiled her highly anticipated single, “Love Me Jeje,” which has been the talk of the town. The song made its debut during her electrifying performance at Coachella, where she captivated the audience by singing the catchy chorus. This performance was even more special as she took the opportunity to announce her upcoming album, “Born In The Wild,” which has left fans eagerly awaiting its release. “Love Me Jeje” is a modern take on a timeless classic originally sung by Seyi Sodimu, featuring Shaffy Bello back in 1997. Seyi himself was thrilled by Tems’ rendition and shared the video of her performance, expressing his delight and emphasizing the power of music to unite generations. Congratulations poured in for Tems and her team, and the anticipation for her album continues to grow. Stay tuned for the release of “Born In The Wild” next month.