Ric Hassani merges the realms of music and fitness in his latest album titled “Hassani Workout”.

Nigerian pop singer Ric Hassani has recently launched a fitness music album called “Hassani Workout.” The announcement was made on his official Instagram page. In the post, he expressed his passion for fitness and how he has been consistently engaged in cardio exercises for the past year. Recognizing the importance of music in maintaining momentum during cardio training, he decided to create his own exercise music specifically tailored for cardio workouts. “Hassani Workout” is a one-hour-long album designed in a ‘Tabata Style’ format, with calculated rest times between sets and a one-minute recovery time after every “8 cycle” set. Each track consists of 8 cycles, allowing individuals to choose their preferred routines and commit to 8 sets. By playing the entire album, listeners can enjoy a complete one-hour cardio experience. Ric Hassani encourages everyone to check out “Hassani Workout” and make it their fitness companion for the year.

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