The new year resolution of Portable is to stand by those who stand by him, as it shares, “I am for those who are for me.”

Habeeb Okikiola, the popular Nigerian street singer known as Portable, recently shared his New Year’s resolution on his Instagram page. He made it clear that he holds no grudges against anyone, but he is determined to distance himself from individuals who fail to appreciate his true worth. Portable’s loyalty is reserved only for those who reciprocate it.

In an encouraging message to his fans and followers, the street singer advised them to strengthen themselves using their own resources, so they can remain strong even when someone exits their life. He stressed the importance of not allowing anyone to assume an irreplaceable position in their lives.

Portable firmly believes that the only irreplaceable person is God. While he does not intend to harbor any hatred, he will take a step back from those who fail to recognize his value.