Ayra Starr: A Tribute to the Heavenly Entity

Let us refrain from discussing the shortcomings of the Nigerian music industry in its treatment of female artists. Instead, let us focus on the new generation of Nigerian female artists who are rewriting history. Ayra Starr, in particular, exudes a unique and unprecedented “young and getting it” vibe that is making waves in the industry.

Like any artist signed to Don Jazzy’s record label, I was introduced to Ayra’s music through her debut EP, specifically the lead single “Away” which gained immense popularity. During my time as a student, “Away” became a morning anthem in almost every off-campus student hostel. The lyrics echoed through every window, “Away, away, away, away/ Ah-ah, away ayy,” as if the song had the power to alleviate their troubles.

However, little did we know the impact Ayra Starr would have. Being signed by Don Jazzy already granted her a certain level of stardom. But beyond that, Ayra Starr came prepared. Her exceptional talent could have propelled her to success at any time, but stepping into the limelight in 2021 was the perfect moment to announce her presence. It was a year after the chaos of the pandemic, when everyone was seeking a fresh start. And there she was, Ayra Starr, declaring, “Here I am, the celestial star you have never witnessed before.”

There is no bolder way for a young female artist to establish herself in a fiercely competitive male-dominated industry than by releasing a solid album. Just a few months after her debut EP, Ayra Starr returned with a remarkably brilliant and cohesive album, aptly titled “19 & Dangerous.” Despite her young age of 19, she possesses a dangerous level of talent. I believe what resonated with many young people, including myself, was how Ayra Starr ushered in the era of Gen-Z. In the post-pandemic world, Gen-Z individuals worldwide began asserting their presence in the social fabric. It was a time when the majority of young people started proving their capabilities.