Dr. Mufti Jokomba: The ModelPT

Dr. Mufti Jokomba, also known as The ModelPT, is a real-life hero who inspires us. Unlike superheroes in comic books and movies, she doesn’t wear a cape, but she makes a lasting impact on people’s lives through physical therapy and modeling that speaks volumes without words. Dr. Mufti is not only a healthcare professional and a model, but she’s also a force of nature promoting holistic living, body positivity, and self-acceptance.

Here are five fascinating facets of Dr. Mufti’s life that make her a true dynamo:

A Multifaceted Dynamo Dr. Mufti is not a superhero from the pages of a comic book, but she has an exceptional ability to balance a multifaceted life. She’s a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, helping individuals enhance their mobility and well-being while also gracing runways and campaigns for creative and fashion brands. Her unique duality sets her apart, bridging the worlds of healthcare and lifestyle.

Beauty and Brains Beyond being a stunning model, Dr. Mufti is a shining example of beauty and brains. She holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from South College and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Howard University with Magna Cum Laude honors. Her academic journey has paved the way for success in both healthcare and modeling.

Runway Queen Dr. Mufti is the queen of the runway, strutting her stuff at some of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows. As a model, she uses her presence on the runway to convey stories and emotions through her unique self-expression, whether it’s for renowned fashion designers like Louella by Ibtihaj or Haute Hijab or at events like New York Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, and Los Angeles Fashion Week. Her poise, style, and confidence turn heads.

Fashionista with a Purpose Beyond the glamour, Dr. Mufti is on a mission to use her skills and talent to make a difference. When she’s not in scrubs or striking a pose, she’s working behind the scenes as a Model Coordinator, ensuring seamless and successful fashion events. She’s also an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, inspiring others to embrace their unique beauty.

Holistic Health Promoter Dr. Mufti is not just a physical therapist, but she’s also a holistic health promoter. She believes in treating the whole person, not just their physical symptoms. She encourages her patients to adopt healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Mufti’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. She refuses to be limited by societal norms and instead embraces her various interests, such as dance, yoga, culinary art, photography, and travel. Through her extensive travels to more than fifteen countries, she has gained a broader understanding of the world. Dr. Mufti takes great pride in her Nigerian heritage and is fluent in both Yoruba and Pidgin English. Her passion for showcasing the beauty of African culture has led her to establish ‘The One…’, an event company that specializes in organizing sophisticated and culturally immersive experiences.

Dr. Mufti Jokomba embodies a character molded by enthusiasm, commitment, and a fondness for exploration. Whether she is showcasing her elegance on the catwalk, assisting patients in their journey towards healing, advocating for philanthropic endeavors, or celebrating African culture, she leads a commendable, comprehensive, and well-balanced lifestyle.

Join her voyage and engage with this remarkable individual on her Instagram account: @themodel_pt.