Get ready for Okey Bakassi’s first film, “Bank Alert,” hitting cinemas on November 24th!

Okey Bakassi makes his debut in the world of cinema with the movie “Bank Alert.” This crime comedy film is a collaboration between FilmOne Studios, Trino Motion Pictures, Tribal Media, and Sterling Bank.

Starring Bolanle Ninalowo, Kate Henshaw, Kanayo O. Kanaya, Taiwo Hassan, Uzor Arukwe, and Tina Mba, “Bank Alert” promises to entertain audiences with its thrilling storyline.

Mark your calendars for the 24th of November, 2023, as this is when “Bank Alert” will hit the cinemas.

The movie revolves around the life of Sam Okereke, a morally upright individual who is struggling to make ends meet while taking care of his family and maintaining his sanity. However, things take an unexpected turn when he is mistakenly credited with a whopping sum of 500,000,000. Chaos and hilarity ensue as Sam navigates through the consequences of this error.

The recently released trailer offers a glimpse into the comedic performances of the talented cast, giving viewers a taste of the characters’ lives and the complexities of the plot.

Produced by Wingonia Ikpi in collaboration with FilmOne Studios, Trino Motion Pictures, Tribal Marks Media, and Sterling Bank, “Bank Alert” is set to be a must-watch film.