Ric Hassani has released his highly anticipated third studio album titled ‘Afro Love’.

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Ric Hassani, has finally released his highly anticipated album, Afro Love. This marks a significant shift for the artist, as he returns to “album mode” following the success of his previous album, The Prince I Became, in 2021. With a renewed sense of creativity, Ric Hassani presents his third studio album to his eager listeners.

Afro Love consists of fifteen tracks that serve as a testament to the artist’s growth and evolution over time. In line with the current industry trend of solo projects, Ric Hassani takes the lead on all tracks except for the opening song, I.G.D.T (I Go Dey There), where he collaborates with the talented singer from Mavin Records, Bayanni. This collaboration adds a unique flavor to the album, setting the tone for a project that promises depth and diversity.

Throughout the album, Ric Hassani showcases his musical prowess by blending Afrocentric sounds, heartfelt lyrics about love, and an exploration of various sonic landscapes. Afro Love delves into themes that resonate with the complexities of love, life, and human experiences, infusing each composition with authenticity and emotion.

Listen to the Afro Love album here.