“The Dotty Show,” Tyla discussed various aspects of her global success, including her debut album “Water” and her admiration for Tems.

Tyla, the South African singer-songwriter, known for her hit song “Water” and the viral dance challenge on TikTok, recently appeared as a guest on The Dotty Show on Apple Music. During the interview, she shared her thoughts on achieving global success, her aspirations for world domination, her debut album, and the experience of being a famous artist. Tyla also expressed her admiration for Tems and her desire to have Rema as her prom date, while discussing her biggest turn-off and the most surprising direct message she has received.

Tyla revealed that she has always envisioned herself performing on the biggest stages, alongside renowned artists, and captivating massive crowds with her pop star energy. She cited Rihanna as her inspiration, highlighting the singer’s ability to excel in music, fashion, and beauty, despite not being from America. Tyla aims to follow in Rihanna’s footsteps and make a significant impact in various creative fields.

Being famous comes with its price. For Tyla, she can no longer go to a theme park in South Africa that she loves. She explains that making simple decisions like going to a theme park has become a complicated process for her. She used to be the type of person who would go to the shop wearing mismatched shoes and messy hair, but now she has to be conscious of her appearance at all times because any picture taken of her needs to be perfect. However, despite the challenges, Tyla is excited about her debut album and is ready to show everyone her true self as an artist.

She wants people to know her beyond just one song and is eager to share more of her music with the world. Tyla promises a fresh sound with a mix of Afropiano, pop, piano, and Afrobeats, infused with her own pop and RnB influences. She believes it will be amazing and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.