Actor Etim-Effiong sheds light on the intriguing question of why Nollywood actresses don’t seek financial assistance as often as their male counterparts.

The filmmaker explained that society has been structured in a way where men are expected to be there for women when they need help. On the other hand, when men face challenges, they are expected to handle them on their own until they can no longer manage and have to seek assistance from the public.

During his appearance on the Bahd And Boujee Podcast with Tolanibaj and Moet Abebe, Daniel further emphasized that a woman’s money is primarily for herself, while a man’s money is meant to support his entire family.

Moet then asked why it is mostly male actors who resort to crowdfunding online. In response, the actor highlighted the traditional roles assigned to men and women in our society. He explained that men are expected to take care of women, so when a woman faces a problem, men are quick to step in and provide a solution.

In Nigerian culture, it is considered unacceptable for men to neglect their responsibility of helping women in need. However, when men encounter difficulties, they are expected to handle them independently. Women are not expected to come to their rescue.

Men are expected to find solutions for themselves. Only when they reach a point where they can no longer solve their problems do they turn to the world and ask for help, saying, “Hey guys, I’ve reached my limit. I can’t help myself anymore. Can you lend a hand?”