Details have emerged regarding the meeting between Tinubu and four envoys.

The Letters of Credence were presented by the four ambassador-designates to President Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday. During a meeting with the envoys, Tinubu emphasized his administration’s commitment to fostering economic collaboration and strong diplomatic relations with foreign missions. The ambassadors were assured of an open-door policy by the President, who also stated that his government is ready to address concerns and ensure their stay is rewarding.

President Tinubu engaged in discussions with the Belgian ambassador, Pieter Leenknegt, regarding the strengthening of maritime and energy cooperation. Additionally, the potential dredging of Calabar port was discussed to enhance its viability for revenue generation. Congratulating President Joao Lourenco of Angola on his re-election, Tinubu referred to him as a “very good friend” during his meeting with the Angolan Ambassador, Jose Zau.

In his discussions with the Norwegian Ambassador, Sevin Baera, President Tinubu expressed his administration’s priority of transitioning from petroleum to gas to hydrogen for energy purposes.

Norway and other EU member countries are urged to support the administration’s economic reform programmes, with a particular focus on food security, preservation, and other key agro-allied investments. The Ambassadors were informed that the Foreign Ministry and the Office of the Chief of Staff are always available to engage with foreign missions and address any concerns.

The President emphasized the commitment to an open-door policy, ensuring a rewarding stay for the ambassadors and a strong relationship. He encouraged them to bring up any matters with the Foreign Minister or Chief of Staff, assuring that they would be brought to his attention. The foreign ambassadors, in their own statements, expressed their dedication to fostering sustainable partnerships and enhancing economic cooperation across various sectors.