Layi Wasabi has established himself as a philosopher-comedian through his numerous performances and works.

Layi Wasabi is a Nigerian comedian who stands out from his peers due to his ability to make people laugh without relying on background sounds or memes. He uses only his facial expressions and different personas, such as a lawyer, financial coach, or taxi driver, to distinguish himself. Layi is known for settling court cases under a tree or advising people to join his Money Making Investment Scheme (GNCC) WhatsApp group to become millionaires in a week or two. Despite being a financial coach, no one questions why he is not financially buoyant or owns a Benz. Layi’s content is not only entertaining but also contains nuggets of wisdom, especially when he is in Mr. Richard’s mode, making him a brilliant comedian.

Here are some funny but inspiring sentences from Layi Wasabi:

Anybody that’s more successful than you, has more information than you. Without the right information, you’ll keep walking about. It is information that makes one fly. (Info lẹ́yàn fín fó): When I watched the video where Layi said this, the first similarity outside the financial discussion that came to my head was education and brilliance. In a class of 30 students, whoever comes first does so because he knows and understands things more than the rest of the class. What Layi means by information is knowledge because knowledge gives us an edge over others. Anyone who gets lost in a city or country does so because they lack the proper knowledge and information about the city or country.

Those who run after money cannot run a business: Countless times, I have heard financial experts emphasise that “the return of your capital is more important than the return on your capital,” and that is exactly what I believe Layi is trying to allude to. When establishing a business, if you’re more invested in earning your profit than earning your capital, you might end up losing everything. Also, establishing a business is a game of risks; if unsuccessful, you might end up losing both the capital and the profit. So if you run after money often, you can’t run a business.

The most affordable luxury to an unproductive man is time: The more idle you become, the less creative you be. The reason we say we don’t have time often is that we have a lot to do but we don’t have the luxury of time to execute everything. If you become jobless today, doing nothing, you’d realise how time walks like a snail. There and then, you’d realise that 24 hours in a day is actually a lot of time. True, who has got a car in exchange for time? Who are you? Jesus?