UNLEASH: A Strategy for Capitalizing on Opportunities in the Dynamic 2020s

“In this decade, two things are clear: there will be a generational shift of power and influence, and new wealth will be created.” Topsy Kola-Oyeneyin (TKO)

Like the unprecedented challenges and opportunities following the 1914 Spanish Flu, technological advances, cultural shifts, and a new dawn of geopolitics are shaping the current global landscape. UNLEASH, the book authored by Topsy Kola-Oyeneyin (TKO), provides a blueprint to guide individuals on how to successfully navigate this season of transition, ultimately eliminating the gap between their potential and their reality.

TKO, an accomplished systems change leader and transformation expert, is no stranger to uncommon opportunities. She shares the practical principles that not only enabled her to excel as a general manager in Nigeria’s oldest bank at the age of 28. A position typically held by individuals in their 50s but also helped her support Fortune 500 and government leaders in successfully executing large-scale transformation programs over the past two decades.

Riddled with real-life experiences, insightful quotes, and timeless truths, UNLEASH provides readers with a practical how-to guide on unlocking their own uncommon opportunities through how they operate, relate, and work, irrespective of their location, age, or starting position. At its core, the book provides two key takeaways: you are not too young to lead, and it is never too late to seize control and shape your destiny.

On a continent grappling with a significant poverty rate and high levels of youth unemployment, UNLEASH provides timely inspiration and clarity for young people seeking answers on how to control their destinies and create their own opportunities.

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Contact Name: Topsy Kola-Oyeneyin./Email: Number: +234811 065 3554

Unleash launches on October 31st and is now available for order on Amazon globally and on the website, with a special offer that includes free nationwide delivery in Nigeria.